1. Exhibitor cannot sublet space or hand out literature or display product belonging to a person or business that is NOT exhibiting at the BAYFRONT BRAT FEST without the sole permission of the Management. Additionally exhibitor is prohibited from distributing or promoting any other events construed as being in direct competition with the BAYFRONT BRATFEST. Any exhibitor doing so will be asked to stop immediately. Violation of policy could mean expulsion from the BAYFRONT BRAT FEST without a refund of exhibitor fees.  

  2. Vending space is located within Bayfront Festival Park with a 7 ton axel loading limit.  You are responsible to provide your vending tent, or booth including all supplies. The event begins at 11AM on Saturday, June 29th, 2019- your booth must be set up and ready to go no later than 10:30AM. 

  3. It is your responsibility to insure that your portable electrical systems (cords, wires) are in compliance with the State of MN Electrical Inspections Department.  For basic electrical cord requirements for portable electrical systems, write: State of MN Electrical Inspections Department, Attn: Robin Geiger, 443 Lafayette Road North, St. Paul, MN 55155, Phone: 1-651-284-5804. In the past, an electrical inspector has been at similar events.  If your cord does not comply with requirements, you will not be allowed to offer your items/services. 
  4. You are responsible to charge, collect and forward to the MN Department of Revenue all necessary sales taxes that apply to any and all of the products and services you provide.  You will be required to file a form ST-19 with the event producers before the start of the event.

  5. In the event that Exhibitor fails to pay balances by agreed dates, deposits, and/or fees paid shall be forfeited and exhibit space reservation cancelled.  This Agreement cannot be cancelled within 21 days of the event date without forfeiting all previously paid fees and deposits, and furthermore if cancelled within 21 days of the event, any unpaid balances are due and payable in full. If cancelled 22 or more days in advance of the event, one half (1/2) of the deposit/fee is refundable and will be refunded within 4 weeks of date of event. 

  6. Exhibit space, as provided by BAYFRONT BRATFEST, only includes the space and electricity if required and paid for.  Shelter/Tents, internet service, decorations, etc. shall be the responsibility of the exhibitor. 

  7. Exhibitor agrees to staff Exhibition space during all hours show is open. NO goods or displays are to be removed from the show during show hours. Any exhibitor removing exhibits prior to the 3PM conclusion of the event is subject to a $200 early removal fee. 

  8. THEFT: Twin Ports Entertainment LLC is not responsible for materials and items left in booth. 

  9. Management reserves the right to make changes in Exhibitor space locations with no advance notice to the exhibitor. 

  10. Management reserves the right to prohibit or decline any exhibit, exhibitor, proposed exhibit or exhibitors not approved by the Management and to permit only such matter and conduct as approved by management. 

  11. All decorations must be flameproof and pass inspection by all designated authorities. 

  12. In case the premises are destroyed by fire or the elements, or by any other causes, or in case any circumstances whatsoever, including strikes or storms shall make it impossible for the Management to permit any Exhibitor or Exhibitors to occupy the premises, the BAYFRONT BRATFEST & Twin Ports Entertainment LLC, event producers, are released from any and all claims for damage which might arise in consequence thereof. 

  13. In the event the show is not held, the BAYFRONT BRATFEST & Twin Ports Entertainment LLC are released from any and all claims for damages upon refunding all the monies received from an exhibitor or exhibitors. 

  14. Should inclement weather force the producer to postpone and reschedule the show, all fees paid will be transferred to the reschedule date. No exceptions. 

  15. All displays, distribution of literature, sales, live models, etc. will be conducted INSIDE the assigned Exhibitor space unless approved in advance by the Management. No Exhibitor may send staff around Bayfront Festival Park distributing materials or advertising. Music/AV levels at booths cannot be excessive and disrupt other exhibitors. Excessive/ intrusive audio levels are a violation of the Exhibitor Agreement. 

  16. Management reserves the right to name exclusive sponsors for the BAYFRONT BRATFEST.

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